Advanced Laser Dentistry: Enhanced Precision and Minimized Discomfort

Before and after case photo of young manDr. Kalil Abide incorporates laser dentistry at his Jackson, MS, practice to provide patients with virtually pain-free care. With lasers, he can perform a number of soft and hard tissue procedures, including cosmetic treatments such as crown lengthening and gum contouring. Our advanced tools are also useful in extractions and other restorative treatments. The laser energy yields highly precise results with minimal discomfort and shortened recovery times. Contact our office for more information regarding laser dentistry.

Our Advanced Dental Lasers

At Harmony Dental Care, we proudly feature the Waterlase® system. This powerful tool combines the force of water with high-power laser energy. The device can make small incisions and eliminate unwanted tissue without the vibrations and unpleasant noise associated with drills. The stream of water also cools and soothes the treatment area. With the Waterlase® system, most procedures are able to be performed without anesthesia. Therefore, your care can be quicker and more pleasant than you ever thought possible, even if you normally suffer from dental anxiety. In addition, during gum procedures, the laser will seal your soft tissue, so there will be minimal bleeding and inflammation. Along with the Waterlase® device, Dr. Abide also uses state-of-the-art diode lasers for select treatments. These devices offer similar benefits to Waterlase®.

During gum procedures, the lasers will seal your soft tissue, so there will be minimal bleeding and inflammation.

Lasers in Cosmetic Dentistry

Crown lengthening and gum contouring are two of the most common treatments in laser dentistry. If your smile looks disproportionately small, or your gum line is uneven, you may benefit from one of these treatments. During crown lengthening, Dr. Abide can remove small amounts of gum and bone tissue to reveal more of your healthy teeth. Similarly, in gum contouring, he will eliminate a tiny layer of tissue to give you a straighter, more even gum line that frames your smile. 

Lasers in General and Restorative Care

Dr. Abide also uses lasers to perform several general and restorative treatments:

  • Crown lengthening: If you have a tooth that has broken close to your gums or is damaged underneath the gum line, Dr. Abide can use the laser to remove gum and bone tissue. This procedure allows access to more of your healthy tooth structure, enabling proper placement of a dental crown. He can also use a laser to reduce gum inflammation and puffiness around your tooth.
  • Frenectomies: A frenum is a small fold of tissue connecting your lips and gums. You have one for both your upper and lower lips. Issues can develop when excess tissue creates a gap between your two front teeth, a frenum is too tight and causes gum recession, or interferes with denture placement. Dr. Abide can use the laser to remove the frenum and seal off the soft tissue that remains.
  • Extractions: In some cases, Dr. Abide may use a laser during dental extractions to remove bone and soft tissue that is preventing the tooth from otherwise being easily extracted. 

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