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Who are the Best Dentists for Dental Implants in Brandon, MS

Dr. Kalil Abide is dentist who specializes in meeting your every cosmetic dental need.

Harmony Dental Care will help you understand the best approach is to your unique dental problem. Dr. Abide discusses your options with you, and together you determine the optimal course of action. 

If you live in Brandon, Mississippi and are searching for the best dentists for implants, you have a number of options to choose from. Dr. Abide is a trusted dentist that specializes in cosmetic procedures like dental implants.  Please see his Brandon Mississippi dentist reviews to aid in your selection.

Why choose dental implants at all? If you have missing, damaged, or cracked teeth, dental implants can solve your dental issues for both cosmetic and health reasons. Typically, when there is damage to the teeth, dental implants will end up being the most cost-effective, long lasting solution for you. Usually, implants are easier to clean and maintain than other dental solutions and are far more comfortable than bridges or dentures. Additionally, implants are better hygienically and have far reaching health benefits, such as decreasing dental and jaw bone loss, cutting down on TMJ and jaw pain, and decreasing gum disease. 

What exactly are dental implants? The best cosmetic dentists in Brandon, MS, will be able to explain implants and why they may benefit you. A brief description is that the implant is a post which is placed in your jaw that serves as a new root for your tooth replacement. A manufactured crown (or the visible part of the tooth) is then connected to the implanted post.  An abutment then holds the new post and crown together resulting in a new tooth for you that looks and feels fantastic. Implants are a complete tooth replacement option, as they are even durable enough to eat an apple with. If you’re curious if implants are the right choice for you, finding a highly rated cosmetic dentist in Brandon, MS to discuss your options with is most likely a wise decision. There are many fantastic implant dentists in Brandon from whom to choose. 

Choosing the Best Implant Dentist 

While many dentists can perform cosmetic procedures to get you your best smile, you will most likely want to select a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentists generally offer a variety of services, from dental implants to reconstructive surgery and use the latest technology to give you a great smile that you will want to show off. 

While general dentists are skilled at solving your every health-related dental need, cosmetic dentists focus on treatments and procedures which improve the overall appearance of your smile. Both types of dentists can provide preventive and health-related care, however, cosmetic dentists are trained in the specialty and also utilize products which lead to a better looking outcome. For example, a cosmetic dentist may use composite fillings which match the existing tooth color and therefore look better, while a general dentist may use amalgam fillings which are more cost effective, as their main goal is health versus appearance.

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