Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is utilized to add volume, strength, and durability to a patient’s jawbone in order to counteract the effects of bone degeneration. Many patients who have lost significant jawbone density will need to undergo bone grafting before receiving dental treatments such as dental implants or full mouth reconstruction. Read further to find out more about the bone grafting procedure at Harmony Dental Care and why it is sometimes necessary.

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Bone grafting in the dental world is the act of adding more volume and density to the jawbone in order to aid in dental procedures or to simply restore oral structures. Some patients will need bone grafting in order for them to successfully receive certain treatments and procedures that require a certain amount of jawbone density to achieve optimal results, such as dental implants.

Bone grafting is often necessary if a person has experienced severe bone degeneration. This condition is typically caused when a person loses a tooth or has had a tooth extracted. Because the area where the missing tooth left a gap is not producing any stimulation to the jawbone, new bone regeneration cannot occur. Instead, bone degeneration may be found and can cause the shrinking of bones in the tooth socket and surrounding jawbone. This will likely cause further issues within the mouth and prevent patients from being eligible for certain oral treatments.


Whether a patient needs a bone grafting procedure before receiving dental implants will depend solely on the status of their oral health and the density of their jawbone. In order for dental implants to work, they are anchored into the jawbone by a titanium post that will gradually fuse to the surrounding bone and tissue. If a patient does not have sufficient jawbone density, bone grafting will likely be required to ensure a successful implant procedure. Bone grafting can revitalize jawbone that has become worn down by restoring the overall strength and size of the targeted area. Dr. Kalil Abide continues to stay on top of the latest trends, technology, and education surrounding bone grafting specifically, and he has completed continuing education courses from the Pikos Institute, which has included sinus bone grafting before dental implant surgery. Our team will be able to determine if you are in need of bone grafting at your initial consultation.


To accomplish optimal results, the bone grafting procedure involves strengthening the deteriorated jawbone by restoring density, shape, and size. The procedure typically begins with the area being numbed with a local anesthetic. A small section of bone is usually taken from a different body area, such as the roof of the mouth, and Dr. Abide places the graft underneath the gum tissue. This provides additional volume to the area that has experienced degeneration. Over time, this grafted bone should become a permanent part of the jawbone. Typically, Dr. Abide will decide between several different bone grafting methods to use on each patient based on their needs.


Because the bone needs time to heal and grow, patients may need some time between their bone grafting procedure and receiving their dental implants. The recovery from bone grafting treatment will typically last several months as the targeted bone structure will begin to heal and grow. Once the bone has successfully grown back and the grafting procedure is deemed a success, patients can then proceed with their desired dental procedures such as receiving dental implants. In some cases, bone grafting can be performed during the same surgery as dental implant placement, such as if minor grafting is needed.


The cost of bone grafting will differ for each patient. Bone grafting is required for patients who have low jawbone density, and each person will likely have different needs. Bone grafting typically is combined with another dental procedure as well. Our team will be able to provide a total cost estimate of bone grafting and your potential other procedure at the time of your initial consultation.

If you want to know more about bone grafting or another procedure that we offer at Harmony Dental Care, contact our practice today!

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