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How Much Pain Can I Expect from Dental Implant Surgery?

When adult tooth loss occurs, the health of the entire mouth is threatened. Even remaining teeth that seem strong may be compromised without the proper support from adjacent teeth. The only way to maintain full oral functions and restore the strength and beauty of the smile is to replace missing teeth with strong dental restorations. Dental implants offer the closest replacement of the natural teeth.

Dental implants replace the crown and roots of a missing tooth to provide patients with superior comfort, durability, and convenience. Dental implants are placed directly into the jawbone during a surgical procedure, and then fuse with the jaw bone in the months following treatment. Because dental implants require oral surgery, many patients are worried about pain and discomfort. Under the experienced care of Dr. Kalil Abide, dental implant surgery and pain are not an issue for our Jackson, MS patients. Dr. Abide can restore a strong, healthy smile with minimal discomfort for our patients.

Dental Implants Treatment

Dental implants are the only treatment to address the entire loss of a tooth, from its crown to its roots. Dental implants are placed directly into the jawbone during an oral surgery procedure. After this initial procedure, the gums and jaw are given time to heal before affixing a dental restoration (such as a crown, bridge, or denture) to the implant. This treatment is unique because the implant fuses with the jawbone during the healing process so that the area of tooth loss continues to get the stimulation that is necessary to promote the growth of healthy bone tissues.

The fact that dental implant treatment involves surgery is very intimidating to many patients. However, Dr. Abide has a great deal of experience. His superior expertise and patient care contribute to a safe and comfortable procedure for our patients.

How Much Pain Can I Expect from Dental Implant Treatment?

Many patients are surprised to learn that dental implant treatment actually involves virtually no pain. Dr. Abide uses anesthesia to keep patients completely comfortable throughout dental implant surgery. Most patients do not experience discomfort during their treatment.

Once the dental implant procedure is over and anesthesia has worn off, it is normal for patients to experience some discomfort. Common side effects of dental implant treatment include soreness in the teeth, gums, and jaw surrounding the treatment area. While this discomfort is noticeable, most patients report that it is not as severe as they had imagined it would be. By following some simple post-surgical care tips most patients can greatly minimize discomfort during dental implant recovery.

Some helpful tips to avoid pain following dental implant treatment include:

  • Use over-the-counter pain medication as necessary (and per instructions)
  • Rinse the mouth frequently with warm salt water
  • Use ice packs on the affected area
  • Avoid solid foods for the initial recovery period
  • Get plenty of rest

By following these tips and adhering to post-treatment care instructions, patients can minimize the risk of dental implant complications and maximize comfort during recovery.

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Dental implants are the strongest and most advantageous replacement for missing teeth. To learn more about the dental implant treatment process and the many benefits it offers, contact us at your earliest convenience. Dr. Kalil Abide looks forward to helping you rebuild a strong and beautiful smile.