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Does diet play a role in my oral health?

Yes, your diet plays a big role in your oral health. Tons of sugar rich soft drinks, sweetened fruit drinks, and non-nutritious snack foods that we consume these days bring us closer to a dental emergency. Eating patterns and food choices are important factors that may affect how quickly tooth decay may develop.

The naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth thrive on the starches and sugars found in many foods. When teeth arent cleaned after eating, harmful, sticky plaque will form. The bacteria in the plaque use the sugar and starch to produce acids that can destroy the enamel of the tooth. The more often you eat and the longer foods are in your mouth, the more damage can occur. Lets have a look at some of the important points that must be remembered by heart:

  1. Take healthy diet. Go for healthful, nutritious food, which contains vitamin C, and calcium. Citrus fruits, strawberries and kiwifruit are good sources of vitamin C.
  2. Make sure water is readily available, and drink water more often. Water is not only important for a healthy body, but can help to rinse sugars and starches from your teeth.
  3. Limit eating and drinking between meals. Each time you eat food that contains sugars or starches, the teeth care attacked by acids for 20 minutes or more. Foods such as cheese, raw vegetables, or fresh fruit are good choices.
  4. Brush and floss effectively each day.